Health and wellbeing is so important to us and we believe that customers should be able to make informed choices about the food and beverages they consume. Our menus are full of useful information but you can always count on our team members to give you more detailed information.

We try our best to make healthy differences in our cooking, so you don’t have to even think about it! We encourage our teams to cut down on using salt by seasoning food with herbs, spices and chillies. We use rapeseed oil for frying and olive oil for dressings and salsas, both from plant sources and low in saturated fat. We’ve also switched all of our mayonnaise to lighter versions to control calories. We encourage grilling, steaming or baking as cooking methods as this locks in flavour and retains nutrients.

We recognise that every individual is different and what health means to one person is completely different to the person sitting next to them. By working together we can collaborate on improving the welfare for you, our customers - it’s a bit of a cliché but many hands make light work.